Translating 'hidden' symbol names back to their original names by using atos + dSYM?

Problems As we know that sometimes we got a crash with its stack trace which contains only the address on memories of some objects or some methods, without any line number of your implementation, then how we can indicate which part in your project raises the crash? [Read More]
Tags: swift, objective-c, xcode, ios, crash, address, memory, atos, dSYM, log, stack, trace, line, number

How to mock a completion block in OCMock?

Problems My dependency has a completion block, and inside the implementation of that block I do some logics, so how my test needs to make sure it calls all the logics? [Read More]
Tags: objective-c, xcode, ios, test, OCMock, completion, block, NSInvocation, OCMStub