UI testing is the best way to verify how your iOS application working in Production environments and how it looks like when integrating with other services!

There is an important feature that every e-commerce mobile applications need to included to do campaign marketing, it’s a deep link!

So today we will add some UI tests to make sure the feature work properly:

How to open your iOS app via an URL while you’re in UI testing on a simulator?** All you need is XCUIApplication, it allows you to launch an application based on its bundle identifier.

Let’s think about which iOS applications that we have on a simulator, all of them are from Apple, and here are list of their bundle id:

App name Bundle ID
Activity com.apple.Fitness
App Store com.apple.AppStore
Books com.apple.iBooks
Calculator com.apple.calculator
Calendar com.apple.mobilecal
Camera com.apple.camera
Clips com.apple.clips
Clock com.apple.mobiletimer
Compass com.apple.compass
Contacts com.apple.MobileAddressBook
FaceTime com.apple.facetime
Files com.apple.DocumentsApp
Find Friends com.apple.mobileme.fmf1
Find iPhone com.apple.mobileme.fmip1
GarageBand com.apple.mobilegarageband
Health com.apple.Health
Home com.apple.Home
iCloud Drive com.apple.iCloudDriveApp
iMovie com.apple.iMovie
iTunes Store com.apple.MobileStore
iTunes U com.apple.itunesu
Mail com.apple.mobilemail
Maps com.apple.Maps
Messages com.apple.MobileSMS
Measure com.apple.measure
Music com.apple.Music
News com.apple.news
Notes com.apple.mobilenotes
Phone com.apple.mobilephone
Photos com.apple.mobileslideshow
Photo Booth com.apple.Photo-Booth
Podcasts com.apple.podcasts
Reminders com.apple.reminders
Safari com.apple.mobilesafari
Settings com.apple.Preferences
Shortcuts is.workflow.my.app
Stocks com.apple.stocks
Tips com.apple.tips
TV com.apple.tv
Videos com.apple.videos
Voice Memos com.apple.VoiceMemos
Wallet com.apple.Passbook
Watch com.apple.Bridge
Weather com.apple.weather

From those bundle id, and there is default application on the simulator that allows us to open an URL, it’s Contacts with bundle id is: com.apple.MobileAddressBook

Let’s started:

extension XCTestCase {
  func openDeepLink(urlString: String, assertion: (XCUIApplication) -> Void) {
    //1. Create Contacts via its bundle id
    let contactsApp = XCUIApplication(bundleIdentifier: "com.apple.MobileAddressBook")

    // 2. Launch it in the simulator

    // 3. Get default contact with named: `Kate Bell`
    let kateBellCell = contactsApp.cells.staticTexts["Kate Bell"]

    // 4. Open the contact
    if kateBellCell.waitForExistence(timeout: ShortTimeout) {

    // 5. Check wheather the URL is added or not
    let urlCell = contactsApp.tables.cells.element(contains: urlString)
    if urlCell.waitForExistence(timeout: ShortTimeout) {
      // 6. If it's added, open the URL instead of add to the contact
    } else {
      // 7. If the URL is not added, try to edit the contact

      // 8. Add the URL to contact
      let editTableView = contactsApp.tables.firstMatch
      XCTAssert(editTableView.waitForExistence(timeout: 3), "No 'Edit' table view found!")
      let addURLCell = editTableView.cells.element(contains: "add url")
      XCTAssert(addURLCell.waitForExistence(timeout: 3), "No 'add url' cell found!")
      let urlTextField = editTableView.cells.textFields["URL"]
      XCTAssert(urlTextField.waitForExistence(timeout: 3), "No 'URL' text field found!")

      // 9. Save the editing

      // 10. Try to open the URL by press on a cell which is added the URL 
      let urlCell = contactsApp.tables.cells.element(contains: urlString)
      XCTAssert(urlCell.waitForExistence(timeout: 3), "No '\(urlString)' cell found!")

    // 11. Handle an alert that iOS presented to ask user wheather allows to Open our app or not
    let alertHandler = addUIInterruptionMonitor(withDescription: "\"Contacts\" wants to open \"YourApp\"") { alert -> Bool in
      return true

    // 12. Waiting for iOS launches our app

    // 13. Call assertion block for testing purpose

    // 14. Clear up the URL was added to **Contacts**
    contactsApp.buttonTap(name: "Edit")
    let editTableView = contactsApp.tables.firstMatch
    XCTAssert(editTableView.waitForExistence(timeout: 3), "No 'Edit' table view found!")
    let urlTextField = editTableView.cells.textFields[urlString].firstMatch
    XCTAssert(urlTextField.waitForExistence(timeout: 3), "No '\(urlString)' text field found!")
    urlTextField.buttons["Clear text"].tap()

    // 15. Remove the alert monitor

Add it into the test method

func testOpenDeepLink() {
  let urls = ["https://geek-is-stupid.github.io"]
  for url in urls {
    openDeepLink(urlString: url) { app in
    // Your assertions here

Now you can runt the test!